3 Winning Strategies to Build a Positive Employee Experience

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3 Winning Strategies to Build a Positive Employee Experience

They say not to put the cart before the horse, yet many organizations end up doing so by neglecting the employee experience (EX) when moving forward with their digital transformation initiatives. COVID-19 further exacerbated the importance of ensuring employees are engaged at work, especially in virtual environments.  According to a recent survey by Insolved, 92% of human resource executives confirmed employee experience was a top priority in 2021.The only way to ensure your Insurance Agency is increasing engagement and enabling great CX is to create a winning EX strategy,  guarantying talent retention, employee loyalty, and a positive workplace experience for all employees. Here are three winning strategies to enhance your Insurance Agency’s EX.

Listen and take action

Employers, particularly those in the Insurance Industry, typically overlook the fact that interacting with employees should be a two-way street as Sales Agents and other personal frequently seek to feel respected and valued in their roles. Insurance Agencies may promote richer interactions with teams by building Agency staff confidence and seeking individual input on Agency processes improvements. In addition to increasing engagement, soliciting feedback allows Agency staff to express their feelings about the Agency they represent which ultimately builds a better brand.  According to an Achievers survey on what engagement leaders believe to be the biggest opportunities and challenges in the workplace, 58% of employees wish their company-issued employee engagement surveys more frequently. By conducting these bi-annual surveys and questionnaires, employers can identify issues at all levels, whether it be burnout, struggles with a manager, or a lack of educational resources. From there, implement that feedback and enhance your initiatives to help your employees feel fulfilled, productive, and purposeful which will, in turn, allow them to place a greater emphasis on high-value customer experiences and lucrative sales outcomes for your Insurance Agency.

"92% of human resource executives confirmed employee experience was a top priority in 2021."

Invest in Agency Personnel’s skills for the future.

Principal Agent Owners of Insurance Agencies that invest in upskilling Agency staff with the right Agency Management Solution significantly increases employee engagement. Outdated technology, processes, and sales techniques can hinder Insurance Agencies from providing the outstanding lead-to-sale-to-service excellence that customers expect, which is why it is critical to make investments that will benefit employees’ growth and enrich the end-customers sales and service journeys.. Strong investments also become a huge driver of talent acquisition and retainment, as your Agency becomes recognized as a leading employer of choice. As noted in LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report, 94% of employees would remain working within an organization longer if they invested in their development. This is one reason why AGENCYMATE is committed to providing a fully integrated and automated Agency Management Solution that allows employers to optimize and automate business processes through workflow automation and AI/machine learning, leaving employees more time to focus on building other skills.

"94% of employees would remain working within an organization longer if they invested in their careers."

Create a strong organizational culture with cloud based AMS technology

If you listen to your employees and commit to making EX an essential business initiative by adopting the latest cloud technology in Agency Management Software, you can effect positive change. The way Agencies can effect change is to incorporate collaboration tools that provide simple task management for Agency staff which boosts staff morale to focus on converting leads, managing sales, and ongoing policies. .  Most Insurance Agencies overlook how technology can improve a strong organizational culture within an Insurance Agency, to offer great individual and organizational benefits as engaged employees understand and become aligned with the CX mission. Having the right technology can standardize your operations and brand messaging that represents your core values, which all staff can easily follow step-by-step and in turn, the end-customer receives a consistent and personalized service from your Insurance Agency every. single. day.

Empowering employees enhanced levels of trust and cooperation, allowing for more efficient decision-making as collaboration flourishes. A great place to start in boosting company culture is to focus on communicating what your Insurance Agency stands for,  and leading by example so employees know to follow suit. This keeps core values front and center in all aspects of day-to-day operations instilling respect and optimism throughout. Successful Insurance Agencies should also focus on  employee’s well-being, not just the bottom line. As employee loyalty and retention improves, greater Agency representation and reputation will exceed, attracting top talent and partners that align with your Insurance Agencies its values and purpose.


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