5 Ways to Add Value to Every Customer Interaction

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5 Ways to Add Value to Every Customer Interaction

When customers interact with Insurance Agencies, there are a few key characteristics customers look for that can make or break their experience, drive them to competitors and never look back According to a report from PwC, 73% of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. Yet only 49% of U.S. consumers say companies provide a good customer experience today. Popular brands like Apple, Zappos, Nordstrom, and Starbucks are well-known for creating ‘super fans’ because of their superior customer experiences, and it shouldn’t be any different for the insurance sector. Insurance Agencies must realize that utilizing the very best in cloud-based Insurance Agency Management Solutions (AMS) will help maintain a competitive advantage and provide full customer lifecycle lead-to-sale-to-service excellence every. single. day! Having the right tools at your fingertips helps customers remain engaged, feel valued, and loyal to you. Here are five ways to do just that.

"92% of human resource executives confirmed employee experience was a top priority in 2021."

Your Audience is the North Star

It’s nearly impossible to create lasting engagements if your Insurance Agency cannot successfully identify your consumers or their needs. Generic customer segmentation leads to generic outcomes and will fail to meet customers’ demand for a superior customer experience. To better understand this in a digital world, use your target demographic as your North Star. Agencies should also work to map their customers’ journeys throughout the entire lifecycle to adapt a Personal Agency Approach. With AGENCYMATE’s taking the appropriate steps to invest further in understanding your customers, gaining faster lead conversion, seamless lead management and ultimately, a more effective customer experience. 

Put Your Money Where Your Tech Is!

As a Principal Agent Owner, you can claim to value your customers and provide the greatest customer service in the Insurance sector. However, unless you are actively investing in a powerful, fully integrated, and automated AMS, you could be falling short to “put your money where your mouth is.” Agency management is typically comprised of many fragmented technologies, glued together with manual tasks due to a lack of integration and automation capabilities. This results in poor use of agents’ time, higher operational costs, slow responses to customer requests, data entry errors, and poor business reporting. Principal Agent Owners must invest in modern cloud-based solutions that will truly provide stability, security, and scalability to elevate the customer experience and support Agents across all aspects of their business. As noted in an American Express survey, consumers in the United States will happily pay up to 17% more from a company with a reputation for great customer service. With AGENCYMATE’s auto lead capture and customizable workflows, you can better provide the outstanding lead-to-sale-to-service excellence that customers demand.

"94% of employees would remain working within an organization longer if they invested in their careers."

Differentiate your Insurance Agency from competitors

As outlined in our previous blog, empowering employees leads to enhanced levels of trust and cooperation, allowing for more efficient decision-making as collaboration flourishes. Agents are the company’s number one advocates, but if their jobs are made painstakingly difficult because of clunky, outdated technology, then you are more likely to lose employees and customers. Investing in employee experiences will motivate and inspire agents to do what they do best – sell Insurance products and take care of customers. Equip Agents with the best tools in the market and watch your customer experience and profitability soar.

Make Your Agents Your #1 Ambassador

The market size of U.S. Insurance Brokers and Agencies reached $185.6B in 2021 due to sustained economic growth, better interest rates, and greater investment income. Experts predict the Insurance sector will continue to grow in the U.S. market, making it more imperative for Agencies to evolve in order to meet consumers’ expectations for InsurTech. A digital platform like AGENCYMATE minimizes resources flowing toward IT maintenance and redirects it toward customer delivery. Don’t wait to invest in your agencies’ technology; lead the industry and create a new standard.

Be there when customers need you

Two universal communication issues stand out as  key reasons customers switch brands – needing to repeat themselves and a lack of available resources when seeking help. While it may sound simple, customers want a personalized touch when engaging with an organization and Insurance Agencies are no different. Customers want to know they are heard and protected by the companies they choose to do business with. By providing a more personalized response to customer interactions, such as real-time communications and rapid response times, your personal agency approach will stand out from the crowd.

By taking these steps and putting them into action, you will be able to set your agency up for success and continue to build customer loyalty. For more information on how AGENCYMATE can help.


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