G’day from AGENCYMATE!

AGENCYMATE was designed for Agents to spend less time on daily activities to spend more time nurturing prospects to get the best insurance outcome for your customer’s needs.

AGENCYMATE is like a best mate, our platform supports Agents across all aspects of their business,  we like to think of ourselves as an extension of the Agency team… your very own online AGENCYMATE.

AGENCYMATE is a powerful fully automated agency solution that helps Agents provide full customer lifecycle lead-to-sale-to-service excellence every. single. day.

With so many agencies and insurance products in the market, it is important to find a platform that helps you maintain a competitive advantage and win customers!

Take back time to focus on sales and team success!

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3 Winning Strategies to Build a Positive Employee Experience

3 Winning Strategies to Build a Positive Employee Experience

They say not to put the cart before the horse, yet many organizations end up doing so by neglecting the employee experience (EX) when moving forward with their digital transformation initiatives. COVID-19 further exacerbated the importance of ensuring employees are engaged at work, especially in virtual environments.

Positioning for a New Market and Audience

Gartner Client Success Story on CoTé’s Launch of AGENCYMATE in the U.S

Gartner announces AGENCYMATE’s successful launch into the U.S!

AGENCYMATE was powered by CoTé Software & Solutions, an Australian technology company that provides enterprise experience management (EXM) SaaS cloud solutions, that was looking to expand into the U.S. market. With Gartner’s guidance, CoTé accomplished AGENCYMATE’s all-in-one cloud AMS platform, enabling agencies or brokers to deliver leads to sales to service across the entire customer journey.

SETTING UP AgencyMate is AS easy as 1 – 2 – 3

With AGENCYMATE your Agency can be operational in minutes with intuitive easy guides to get you working on leads straight away!

Amaze your leads with fast personalized responses and provide your team an easy lead nurture process to make sure you don’t miss a sale!  Don’t just manage, thrive with confidence with AGENCYMATE, the only all-inclusive mobile agency platform designed by agents, for agents.

Powered by CoTé

AGENCYMATE is powered by CoTé Software & Solutions –
an Australian technology company providing
Enterprise Experience Management Software-as-a-Service
via its scalable virsaic™ platform specializing in Insurance
and Financial Services organizations.