Empowered Insurance Agency teams influence Customer decisions.

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Empowered insurance agency teams influence customer decisions

As a community, we have all become accustomed to living in social isolation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and the same can be witnessed amongst Insurance Agencies – operating, interacting, and collaborating through various means. The virus has opened a new era ushering in a surge of virtual agency operations. As a result, the rules of profitability have transformed, and success now depends on leveraging the potential of digital platforms to build innovative lead management, quote management, and customer communications and policy management to provide an overall great Agency experience. 

Numerous agency employees found the adjustment to remote work to be difficult. Their abrupt transition into a new work environment  resulted in a stressful time of separation, disconnection, and uncertainty. Traditional agencies delayed; segregated networking technologies were a major factor in such emotions. In an office, people were once capable to get beyond the constraints of legacy-based communication technologies, connecting with their co-workers face-to-face. For information, support, and teamwork, anyone could simply talk in between offices, on break, or in meeting rooms. However, their disconnected outdated systems were not functional with virtual teams. Furthermore, with long isolation periods, agents and customers now demand greater interaction with insurance agencies at a virtual level. To succeed in this digital world with high customer expectations, insurance agencies must have the correct mix of cloud-based, fully integrated, online Agency Management tools to stay on track and convert sales opportunities. 

Customer Experience Management integration for Insurance Agencies.

Customer Experience Management (CXM) technology is flexible and versatile, enabling agencies to proliferate due to the vast capabilities of digital process automation and customer communications. The technology allows for connectivity and streamlines current various organizational roles within and Agency, providing a consistent employee and customer experience. Furthermore, CXM offers customers increased real-time accessibility to customer data to provide responsive service, easing the burden on Agency administration, ensuring a better customer journey during each engagement. CXM provides flexibility to change workflows and communications on the fly, provides robust tracking and reporting of every business and customer interaction and complete digital archive for compliance.

Employee Experience

Utilizing Agency Process Automaton for a positive and collaborative employee experience

For Insurance Agency teams to collaborate on converting leads and retaining existing customers, adopting an Agency Management System (AMS) built on the foundation of CXM technology must not be taken lightly. CXM accentuates various initiatives to cultivate a more proactive and collaborative employee experience and customer experience. In modern, user-friendly AMS solutions, greater accuracy and far less duplicate processing or errors can be seen in an individual’s performance. Furthermore, through automating procedures, Insurance Agencies can minimize employee dissatisfaction and stress with more visibility of their core responsibilities to focus on high-value customer-driven tasks.

Agencies may also verify that the solutions adopted are being fully utilized by evaluating the employee experience. Before investing in technology, ensure that the CXM system meets the flexibility, automation, and independent needs of personnel. This guarantees that the price for functional needs is effectively applied. According to one study, 53 percent of employees stated they could become more efficient if better technology was implemented. Furthermore, roughly one in seven would cease seeking alternative employment options with superior systems.

Cloud-based fully automated and integrated AMS solutions with AI/ machine learning advancements also make it easier for workers to share data and insights, assist individuals in understanding and following procedures, as well as delivering personalized, position functionalities. Capabilities such as smart downloading of carrier quotes, auto-lead capturing, real-time customer communications and personalized email marketing can optimize performance and remove a mundane task from skilled workers. Research by PWC shows, AI can reduce repetitive, mundane chores like documentation by 82 percent.

Employee Experience

How empowered employees influence customer experiences.

Investment in employee experience will motivate and inspire your employees, allowing them to produce a greater emphasis on customer experience and profitable sales results for your Insurance Agency. CXM systems, included in AGENCYMATE, offer a comprehensive platform that delivers ‘anytime, anywhere access’ enabling your Agency to always be operational 24/7. Likewise, business process automation could reduce nearly 30% in time for a large fraction of organizations. Automated lead capture, customizable workflows, seamless integration of carrier quotations, and smart downloading of supporting documents are few of the time-saving activities completed through automation.

Overall if the customer experience dealing with an Agency is positive this directly reflects the Insurance Agencies personnel’s efficiency and productivity. For a Principal Agent owner having the right platform is of utmost importance in managing Agencies across multiple locations to ensure team performance can be monitored in real-time and improved progressively to boost sales performance.  Furthermore, advanced AMS solutions such as AGENCYMATE may assist Agencies in capturing customer feedback and proactively enhancing sales process workflow to enable fast and more personalized service to engage, convert and prosper!

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