Just Imagine…

Automated lead capture in minutes.

Daily action list for each Agent at their fingertips.

Every communication is now 2-way in real-time. 

Intuitive Agency performance reporting at Agent and Agency level.

Complete audit trail to analyze agency productivity and complete record of truth across all customer interactions history.

Did we mention your Agency also has the ability to work remotely anywhere at any time?

    Evergreen Platform

    AGENCYMATE is a cloud Software-as-a-Service Insurance Agency solution which means you gain the benefits of an evergreen platform
    with regular feature updates available to all users of AGENCYMATE.


    Set up in under 3 minutes*

    Solutions in one platform

    Cloud Availability

    Years delivering great experiences

    *based on an Agency with 2 users, in a single location accessing 2 carriers.






    AGENCYMATE has listened to Agents and the fundamental part of any successful Agency is Lead Management.   You need leads in order to engage, convert, prosper!  For this reason, AGENCYMATE provides website lead form integration inbuilt to automatically capture leads directly to the AGENCYMATE platform into your Agency lead sales funnel.

    AGENCYMATE speeds up the lead response time even further by auto-allocating leads to Agents to action straight away.  This ensures guaranteed service response.

    Furthermore, Lead Management is all governed by workflow.


    AGENCYMATE helps you to determine how you want your business to run in order to optimize and automate business processes through workflow automation and AI/machine learning. This helps teams focus on core business actions to respond quickly to leads and every step of the sales cycle, to convert and win!
    AGENCYMATES hands you the starting blocks with inbuilt best practices workflow, however, we understand that every Agency is unique, and that is why we enable you to customize your core business process workflows from:
    1. Lead nurture workflows
    2. Individual team member action lists
    3. Communication workflow
    That’s just to name a few…

    Smart Download capability

    As part of making your Agency deliver fast carrier quotes to your prospects and customers, AGENCYMATE provides seamless integration of carrier quotes and supporting documents straight into the AGENCYMATE platform.

    The best bit? We even collate all document into sequential order ensuring your team always have consistent quote and policy information, to ensure your customer is always fully informed.


    Real-time Communications

    AGENCYMATE has full communication & delivery capabilities across all core Agency business functions.

    Full communications package includes:

    1. Day to day in platform conversations between your team
    2. Lead nurture communications
    3. Quote correspondence including inbuilt digital signatures
    4. Policy reminders and alerts
    5. Email Marketing

    Traditionally an Agent has to think about which communications come from what platform, such as; AMS, CRM, Email Marketing, eSignatures, Outlook.  AGENCYMATE  eliminates that challenge and empowers you with a robust compliant all-in-one communication platform.


    Fastrack Carrier Quotes

    AGENCYMATE provides fast, Machine Learning-based quote generation with smart eDoc collation management. Agencies can re-issue documentation to a prospect or client with the eDocs separated and will automatically re-order the quote pack. Also using the inbuilt print driver as a digital scanner reduces the need to manually scan documents – save, paper, save money, save time!

    Data Sovereignty, Security & Privacy

    Data Sovereignty, Security, and Privacy are the cornerstone of AGENCYMATE’S offering with certified business practices and partners such as Microsoft Azure combined with a fully automated platform including data backups and recovery ensuring your business is always online and available.

    Automated Sales & Service Reminders & Alerts

    AGENGYMATE Task Manager is essentially an extension of your sales team, it helps drive performance by setting a path for your team to follow.  Sales and service updates and reminders can even be conveniently set using the collaborative workflow framework.

    Real-time Reporting

    At any point in time Principle and individual Agent can monitor performance instantly, outlining activities performed and tasks pending, policy status, the number of active leads both won versus lost and revenue comparison year on year.  Principle Agent owner can also report on all agency locations’ status and achievements, in addition to identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.

    Unrivalled Platform Performance

    AGENCYMATE 100% cloud SaaS subscription-based Agency Management platform accessible via a browser on any device.  The comprehensive platform delivers ‘anytime, anywhere access’ enabling your Agency to always be operational 24/7. 


    AGENCYMATES Training & Support

    Both Online and Virtual underpinned with Real People available to help with any question. We call them your Agency Mates!

    AGENCYMATE features support Agents across all aspects of their business from lead nurture, sales conversion to agency management and reporting.    The ultimate all-in-one Agency solution.